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Dermal's R&D programme mainly focuses on topically applied medicines for treating skin conditions and other diseases.

Research Development - Scientist in Lab

At Dermal we pride ourselves on:

  • Developing innovative products
  • Working to improve and create new treatments for numerous skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and many others
  • Drawing on our resources and expertise to develop, test, register, manufacture and market products that meet patient needs

How we do it:

Together, our skilled team of scientists, pharmacists, doctors, regulatory experts, marketeers and other professional staff help us launch successful, innovative brands year after year.

Innovation is at the heart of all our research and development, whether this is through new indications, formulations, applications or treatment regimes.

As an integrated business, we can - and often do - perform all development functions within the business. Originating in our laboratories in Hitchin and Kempston, through pilot production and onto full-scale manufacture in Great Yarmouth. This approach has enabled us to create topical formulations that are widely prescribed in the UK.

Areas of expertise:

Some of the conditions we specialise in:

Dry skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and ichthyosis

  • Effective emollients with customised formulations and presentations to meet patient needs
  • Emollients with ancillary anti-inflammatory action to help reduce the need for topical steroids
  • Antimicrobial emollients to help combat bacteria which can cause an itchy inflammatory response
  • Specialist psoriasis treatments
  • Specialist scalp treatments

Warts and verrucas

  • Adhesive and flexible wart treatments that can be applied with accuracy, helping to eliminate warts and verrucas, and reduce the risk of the virus spreading


  • Treatment for mild to moderate inflammatory acne with active Vitamin B3

Topical pain relief

  • Proprietary trans-dermal gel technology delivers ibuprofen through the skin to provide fast, effective pain relief without the need for pills, thereby minimising the risk of systemic side-effects

Excessive ear wax

  • Special formulation of effective cerumenolytic to remove excess or impacted earwax, which may avoid the need for syringing or, where necessary, make it easier


Dermal has an active research and development programme which involves working to develop dermatological products with our in-house research team and external partners throughout the UK and Europe such as universities, CROs, hospitals, clinicians, research laboratories and other relevant third parties. We are always looking for our next collaboration.

Innovation beyond formulation:

Innovation is key to our developments – from formulation of products for an increasing number of dermatological indications, through to novel packaging solutions to increase patient acceptability.

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